Ariel view of cars in a parking lot

Manville Road Project

The Manville Road Corridor Improvement Project proposes to create a safe and enjoyable pedestrian experience between Memorial Plaza and Tompkins Avenue. The project consists of modifications to improve pedestrian circulation in downtown Pleasantville, including sidewalk improvements, signal enhancements, speed calming measures, pedestrian signals, medians, and other improvements. The project has been awarded a federal grant of approximately $1.5 million, to be administered by the New York State Department of Transportation (Manville Rd is owned by NYS), due to its efforts to increase pedestrian safety. It’s important to note that the Manville Road Corridor has an accident rate four times that of the New York State average. While the project prioritizes the creation of a safer and more pleasant environment for pedestrians, there is also the intent to ensure traffic flow in the area is not severely impacted.